Welcome to North Cotswold Beekeepers

Welcome to the North Cotswold Beekeepers Association (NCBKA). We are a collection of individuals who share a common interest – beekeeping.

Here you will find news about club activities, how to join, and advice on various aspects of beekeeping. The club caters for beginners and experts alike and we always welcome new members. We can help you get set up and, if required, advise on suitable sites to keep your bees. For example, we are in regular contact with farmers and landowners who wish to house bees on their land. 

Our members all keep bees in the North Cotswold region of Gloucestershire. During the winter months, we usually hold monthly meetings on a Wednesday evening in Adlestrop Village Hall, and try to host interesting talks on all aspects of beekeeping as well as other topics such as candle making or cooking with honey. Throughout the summer we arrange monthly site visits at members’ apiaries, where an expert or volunteer speaker will inspect the hive with us and offer ideas to help improve our beekeeping. This is usually followed by tea and cake together, with the opportunity to catch up with our fellow members. 

In addition to the above, the Association provides a training programme that is aimed at new beekeepers or those who want to improve their beekeeping practice. We also offer the opportunity for those who are completely new to beekeeping to shadow a seasoned keeper for one or two seasons. This is designed to provide an insight into beekeeping before committing to your first purchase of live bees. 

Finally, we offer a mentoring scheme, run by volunteers, for more experienced beekeepers, who wish to undertake the BBKA Basic Exam. If you are interested in finding out more about Training, please click here.


Are you looking for local honey? If you are trying to source local honey, please fill in our contact form and highlight this in your request. We will be able to put you in touch with a local beekeeper, who can supply you with quality, local pure honey, at a reasonable price. 

We also show and sell honey at our annual Honey Show in September. In recent years, this event has been held at Daylesford Organic Farm, as part of their own autumn celebration event. Prior to Covid, we have also sold honey at other local events or markets and some of our beekeepers sell their honey through local shops. At some of these events, particularly our Honey Show, we provide opportunities for the general public to learn more about bees and beekeeping. Future events will be advertised on our calendar of events.


If you require help in dealing with a swarm, and you are in the North Cotswolds area, please click here for instructions and further assistance.


This non-native species is active between April and November and requires beekeepers to be particularly vigilant for their arrival and spread. Monitoring throughout this period is important and, in autumn, Asian Hornet workers and queens may be seen feeding on ivy or rotting fruit or hawking by beehives. Check regularly for signs of this invasive species and click here for more information, including how to monitor and identify Asian Hornets effectively and report any possible sightings. 


If you have any news items, articles or photographs you would like to see published on the website please e-mail them to julia@ncbka.org.uk

Here are some other helpful links to the BBKA and National Bee Unit 

Finally, if you have any queries or would like to discuss joining the NCBKA please fill in our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.