Programme of Events 2021/22


Given the high rates of COVID infections in our region we have decided to revert to having Zoom lectures for the moment. We will consider having face to face indoor meetings in the spring if the situation improves. Please ask if you need help getting set up to participate in these online events.

Wednesday 17th November 2021, 7.30 pm via Zoom

Megan Seymour, Alternative hives and the responsibilities of the new-age beekeeper

Wednesday 15th December 2021, 7.30pm via zoom

Beekeepers question-time and forum, a chance to put beekeeping questions to an expert panel and association questions to the committee

Wednesday 12th January 2022, 7.30pm via zoom

Jon Axe, Varroa, the ever-present threat

Wednesday 23 rd February 2022, 7.30pm 

Tim Field, Changing times:  Will bees thrive in the evolving North Cotswold farmed landscape?

We are moving into a new generation of agriculture subsidies and private investment.  This  talk will highlight how farmers are exploring new schemes and management approaches to keep up with new pressures and opportunities.  How will this affect honeybees and other bee species?  What does an optimal landscape producing food for bees and people look like, and can we do anything to help?

Tim is founder and facilitator of the North East Cotswold Farmer Cluster.  When not working with the NECFC’s 85 members, covering 30,000 hectares, Tim is also setting up a soil carbon trading business and has consulted on a number of sustainable farming projects following a 14-year tenure at Daylesford that ended in April 2021. 

Wednesday 16th March 2022, 7.30pm via zoom webinar

Wally Shaw


By kind arrangement with our friends at Shipston Beekeepers we have been invited to join a lecture to Warwickshire Beekeepers Association by Wally Shaw on Swarming. Wally is a very well known speaker and author of several books and pamphlets. He is going to talk about swarming, artificial swarms and pre-emptive controls.


Sunday 20th March 2022, Adlestrop Village Hall

Skep making

We are pleased to announce that we have arranged for  Dave & Enid Chubb to run a skep making day  on Sunday 20th March 10am to 4pm in Adlestrop Village Hall where you will be able to learn the art of skep making and hopefully make a skep to take home with you.

David has been making bee skeps in the Cotswolds since 1982 and most of you will have seen him in action at Daylesford at our honey show. Although bee skeps have been used for centuries to house bees or collect swarms of bees they can also be used as a feature in the garden, conservatory or home.

The Beeskep Maker is an extremely rare craftsman so it is an ideal opportunity to learn from  David how to keep this  valuable craft alive. He exports skeps locally and all over the world.

The day will cost £29 for NCBKA members ( £35 non members) and will include refreshments and a light lunch. The cost includes a bundle of straw, a thimble , a cane puller tool and cane to take home with you and Dave and Enid will help you make your skep during the day and provide you with tools to finish it off at home. We last ran this course in 2018 and it was an very enjoyable day

We need to know asap if you would like a place so we can confirm numbers with David as he has to purchase the equipment

Please let me know if you want a place by email and  pays bacs Lloyds bank sort code 30 95 75       Account 00721258 

Sunday 10th April 2022, Adlestrop Village Hall

Wax, how to extract and refine beeswax and use it to make candles, wraps, polishes and simple cosmetics


As usual, visits will be hosted by members and an experienced demonstrator will go through the hives and discuss a seasonally topical theme. Apiary meetings will start at 2.30pm and be followed by refreshments and chatter. Addresses and directions will be circulated nearer the time.

Sunday 15th May 2022

Doug & Clare Petersen – cancelled

Saturday 11th June 2022

Hosted by Jeff and Anne McMally, Cold Aston

Sunday 10th July 2022

Hoste by Andy and Ruth Lucus, Upper Swell

Sunday 14th August 2022

Hosted by Julia Targett, Broad Marston

Sunday 11th September 2022

Hosted by Mike Hartnell snd Malcolm Hughes, Little Compton